Decreasing Circles Silver Bracelet

I never tire of designing with circles and rings, they are such pleasing forms. The brightness of the silver is all that's needed sometimes to make these shapes stand out and catch the eye. By adding pattern and texture with drilling, stamping and melting, endless new designs can be created. I wanted to design a bracelet which could be worn either tightly wrapped around the wrist or slightly loose. By having multiple places to attach the catch, the bracelet can be worn at any size and is therefore suitable for everyone. Each link is hand formed from silver, soldered, hammered and then hand stamped to create different patterns and texture.

Decreasing Circles Silver Bracelet

Beautiful, link bracelet made from hand stamped silver wire and sheet. Each bracelet is unique and made from circles and shapes which have been individually embellished. Because of this each design differs slightly from the last and might not be exactly like the image seen in the photos. The bracelets all measure about 25 cm in length and are designed to fit all wrist sizes. The lobster catch can be fixed to any of the jump rings so that the size is adjustable. The largest circle measures about 20 mm in diameter and the smallest is about 8 mm. Each bracelet is sent in a beautiful gift box.


- available in either matt or polished sterling silver


- length 25cm


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